welve cents. That's how much it cost per fish to stock the fish tank at work.

           I had a pet turtle and he really enjoyed fish. Whenever I would be on my way out

           to get my little friend more roommates, I would holler that I was on my way to get

    twelve cent fish. It sounded like a band name or something. The turtle has since moved on to continue his work at finding fish in the pond and I continue to do graphic design along with a slightly newer endeavor: photography.

I have been doing graphic design for about 16 years now at Graphic Resource and have been supervisor over layout/design for 11 years. My interest in graphic design came into existence during my Freshman year at Concordia College in Seward, NE. The brutally honest yet very encouraging professors there helped to create a great foundation for what I know now. I also owe a lot to the experience of working on the pre-press side of things and taking a design (whether my own or a customer's) and make it suitable for press, the bindery department and then out the door to a happy customer.

For printing please contact:

Graphic Resource, Kelly Lucas (owner) 478-745-2665


DSI, Brian Hulette (salesperson) 478-956-4755